1500 M2 Car Storage

Project Info:

ezzaninefloor.ie's client is a leading fleet management company specialising in storage and preparation of prestige cars for some of Ireland’s leading car distributors. As part of their ongoing business expansion, our client contracted mezzaninefloor.ie to install a 1500 sq. metre mezzanine floor in 3 phases over a period of 5 years.

The mezzanine height and grid pattern was designed to maximise car storage both above and below the floor. The floor design load was specified to accomadate both the static and dynamic loads associated with car storage. The decking used incorporated a white underside to maximise reflected light under the floor. The floor incorporated a custom designed car lift and 3 sets of access stairs along with standard safety features.

  • Application: Car Storage
  • Location: Dublin
  • Size: 1500 Square Metres
  • Height: 3.4 Metre
  • Grid: To Maximise Storage
  • Accessory 1: Car Lift
  • Accessory 2: 2 no. Tower Stairs
  • Accessory 3: 1 no. Straight Stairs