Mezzanine Floor Accessories

Mezzanine Floor Accessories

Mezzanine provide a large selection of finishes to a mezzanine floor. Detailed below are some of the main options which are available:

Decking Options

Selection of Decking Options available.

The floor finish is normally determined by the application and budget, however the main types are outlined below:

  • High Density Decking Boards
  • Steel Grating
  • Chequer Plate Decking
  • High Density Decking Board - painted


Selection of Stairs available.

Staircases are generally constructed of steel, however feature elements can be added with timber threads and/or stainless steel handrails and/or glass infill panels as required. We can also supply Cat Ladders, with and without safety rings as required

  • Steel Chequer Plate Treads
  • Open Grid Treads
  • Timber Treads
  • Mid and Top Landings


Selection of handrails available. supply handrail, kneerail and toe plates to protect exposed edges of a mezzanine floor. A number of alternativesare available:

  • Tubular Steel Handrail, Kneerail and Steel Toe Plates
  • Stainless Steel Options
  • Mesh Infill Panels
  • Glass Balustrades

Pallet Gates

Selection of Pallet Gates available.

Mezzanine supply a number of pallet gates options to enable safe and easy access for the loading and unloading of pallets and other bulky goods onto the mezzanine floor. The main types of pallet gates supplied are:

  • Up & Over Pallet Gates
  • Swing Pallet Gates
  • Sliding Pallet Gates

Goods Lifts

Selection of Goods Lifts available.

Mezzanine supply a number of options for transporting goods from one level to another.

  • Industrial Goods Lift
  • Small Goods Lift
  • Conveyors